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Herbal formulas for treating chronic infectious diseases, parasite and mould infestations, and for effective detoxification during recovery.


Effective in treating Lyme disease (Borreliosis) and common co-infections.


Byron White Formulas™  (the company) was created as a means to produce high quality herbal formulas for practitioners to utilize in their clinics with the same degree of success that had been achieved in Dr. White’s clinics for years.


The formulas were created out of a need to provide better treatment modalities for Lyme disease patients, using the herbology and bio-dynamic research carried out over the last 20 years by Dr. Byron White.


A manufacturing company was sought that could duplicate the same VOC free, potent, energetic herbal formulas with all the care Dr. White had used in creating them.


After investigating the common practice of commercial tincturing, it was concluded that no one could produce a formula that would meet all these requirements; so Dr. Byron White developed his own private manufacturing company with the intent of producing the same high quality formulas that he has used in his clinic treating Lyme disease and co-infections.


The result is more than 30 herbal formulas that are potent, powerful, pure and effective. These formulas are used by many doctors and naturopaths throughout USA, and are now available in Australia.


Features of the Byron White Formulas include:


  • Every single bottle is hand made in the United States.

  • Only High Quality Organic and Wild crafted Herbs are used in each formula.

  • Each bottle is filled and sealed by hand to ensure product quality and care, avoiding any possible contamination from manufacturing equipment.

  • Formulas are extracted in glass containers to avoid potential contaminants from storage containers commonly used commercially, and extracted for a period of 30 days.

  • The formulas are produced with a high, 1:1 ratio (1 part herb to 1 part organic grape alcohol) as opposed to the industry standard of a much more dilute 1:2 or 1:5 ratio.

  • The formulas are created using a proprietary 7 step micronized herb and energetic process, providing potent, hypoallergenic formulas.


"It is without reservation that I recommend Byron White Formulas™. After 22 years of working in neurologic ICU's as a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist, I am keenly aware of the high side effect profile and overall lack of effectiveness of ‘modern medicines' or pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, Dr. Byron White has brilliantly and thoroughly defined the deepest, core causes of our modern epidemic disease states and miraculously and compassionately provided us with effective, safe remedies. I no longer need to offer drug therapy in my practice, as he has singularly deciphered the code to healing modern day maladies. Bless you Dr. White!"

-Dr. Pamela Costello, MD, PhD


 "The Byron White protocol worked very well for many people, but when it didn't, the problem was that the dosage was too strong and the patients had severe Herxheimer reactions." Dr. Horowitz explained. "Overall, I found that it's very important to start slowly with lower dosing and only increase the drops as tolerated by each individual."

-Dr Richard Horowitz, MD


“The… herbal regimen that we have found to be effective is the Byron White protocol.  We have used [Byron White Formulas] in over one thousand patients who fail antibiotics, fail other herbal protocols, or continue to relapse when they are off antibiotics.”


“To date we are finding that some patients with elevated titers of HHV-6 and Epstein-Barr who complain of chronic fatigue are having a positive response to the Byron White A-EB/H6 formula, thanks to the specific combination of antiviral herbs.”

-Dr. Richard Horowitz   Why Can’t I Get Better?

Byron White Formulas may be prescribed only by a qualified doctor, naturopath, herbalist or homeopath who is a Lyme Literate/Aware Practitioner.


These formulas are not available online as, under the terms of our contract,  we must check your prescription each time you order.


If your practitioner cannot prescribe the BWF for you, please contact John Coleman's office for assistance.

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