Every week, I learn something new about health, wellbeing and recovery. Sometimes this is medical research that sheds new light on an aspect of disease management, nutritional deficiencies, or physiological response to stress. Sometimes it is Complementary Medical research showing better herbals regimens, food choices or self-help techniques.


Often new ideas come from those walking their own journey back to wellness and discovering ways to help themselves; new recipes, meditation techniques, exercise regimens, detox protocols and many other helpful ideas.


In this DOWNLOADS area, we will include recipes that meet the criteria of healthy eating, self-help ideas that have strong clinical evidence or good anecdotal evidence of help but no harm (and we will tell you what level of evidence there is), and some of my own thoughts and opinions on a variety of matters (“blogs”).


All these uploads will be in PDF form (you will need Acrobat Reader – a free download) and you are welcome to save and/or print any that you believe will help in your healing and wellness maintenance.


If you have ideas, opinions or recipes that you would like to share with other travellers, please email them as Word documents (to enable formatting) to pdfree@returntostillness.com.au with an explanation about why you believe it will help others. If we agree, we will include it. If we disagree, we will tell you why.


Welcome to the team of Wellness Warriors.






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