Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease


Lionel (not his real name) was eighty three years old when he first came to see me. He had been diagnosed with idiopathic Parkinson’s disease about a year earlier, but was also troubled with Emphysema, Hiatus Hernia, Reflux, Hypertension and Hypoglycaemia.


His list of prescribed medications included one levodopa drug, one anti-nausea drug, a drug for reflux, two drugs for hypertension, one antidepressant and two drugs to control the symptoms of emphysema.


Lionel’s symptoms were dramatic and debilitating: he was unable to walk without support from a walking frame, but often fell even using the frame; he had significant tremor, paucity of movement and frequent freezing; his hypertension was not fully controlled in spite of the two drugs prescribed; he was nauseous most of the time and, so, lacked appetite; he experienced gastric reflux frequently despite drug prescriptions; he was chronically depressed despite his antidepressant drug.


After investigating his history and current circumstances, we commenced on a basic

“improving health program” including changing his food choices (my views on this are well known), increasing water intake, regular moderate exercise, meditation, Aqua Hydration Formulas daily and Bowen therapy weekly.


Regular follow up appointments, each 8-10 weeks apart, showed some improvements in strength and appetite, but there seemed to be little or no progress in mobility, balance, tremor, paucity of movement or persistent nausea. Despite this, Lionel continued with his program in the hope of improving his quality of life. I was disappointed that there was not more improvement, but supported Lionel in his choice to continue with the “standard” protocol. Continue Reading





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