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RETURN TO STILLNESS is a naturopathic practice conducted by John C. Coleman ND, MANPA, MBTAV, which focuses on helping people find their individual pathways to complete health. All health conditions, physical, emotional or spiritual, are explored in an holistic, empowering way.


Lifestyle advice, remedies and therapies offered at Return To Stillness are all aimed at creating a total environment where your body can resume its natural condition of joyful good health.  At Return To Stillness, we are dedicated to helping you maintain your good health or overcome all health challenges, no matter how small or large, irritating or confronting. Fatigue, lethargy, depression, skin disorders, digestive dysfunction and many other everyday health challenges are improved with lifestyle changes and simple remedies or therapies.


Some of the confronting diagnosed disorders/diseases treated and helped at Return To Stillness include Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia, Muscular Dystrophy, Post Polio Syndrome, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Post-Stroke challenges, and many others. A number people with undiagnosed or undiagnosable disorders have also been treated and helped to find their own way to health.


We have become a specialist naturopathic clinic for treating those with Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis plus chronic Lyme disease and co-infections. People from many countries seek our help in reversing these disorders and recovering their health.


While John is the registered practitioner at Return To Stillness, the office and day-today management is left in the lovingly firm hands of Nichol Hebert, John’s wife and partner.


Questionnaire for Initial Consultation


New patients are welcome at Return To Stillness


My clinical practice is at Lancefield, rural Victoria, for the foreseeable future.


Lancefield is only a one to 1.5 hour drive from Melbourne’s CBD through picturesque countryside. We expect Victorian patients to attend Lancefield for their first consult except in extraordinary circumstances. In many cases, interstate and even international patients have travelled to Lancefield for their first consultation. This is, indeed, an advantage as I gain much better knowledge of you as a person, and what is happening in your body, by actually meeting you and talking together for a couple of hours. However, I recognise that long travel is not possible for many unwell people.


For those interstate and international patients who cannot attend my clinic because of distance, I offer Skype appointments at times that are appropriate for your time zone and still preserve my health and wellbeing. This may mean that you will need to rearrange your day to keep your Skype appointment in the same way that you need to fit in with your doctor’s appointments. For instance, patients in the UK are usually seen early in the morning (their time) so I can keep within reasonable business hours.


No appointments can be made until we receive your completed questionnaire (hard copy) by post. Please make sure you keep a copy of your completed questionnaire for your own records.


While all these conditions may seem onerous, it is our intention to give you the best possible service in creating a pathway to wellness. To do that, we must have all possible information about your life history and health, and I need to preserve my own health, following significant challenges with both Parkinson’s disease and cancer, so that I will be available to help you in the ensuing years.

Nichol and I both look forward to meeting you and helping you return to wellness.


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